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Our philosophy is simple – to be the absolute best inventory service provider, in the areas we cover and to offer our customers a one-stop solution for their inventory and check out needs. We believe in fostering positive business partnerships with our client community and will work hard to make these relationships one of trust and mutual respect


High standards and competitive prices. Ability to change reports to make them unique to you!

Opening Hours
​Monday- 9am - 6pm
Tuesday- 9am - 6pm
Wednesday- 9am - 6pm
Thursday- 9am - 6pm
Friday- 9am - 6pm
Saturday- 9am- 12noon
Sunday- CLOSED

About Through the keyhole
Here at Through The Keyhole Inventory Services we pride ourselves on producing extremely high-quality, detailed, accurate reports which are impartial and a reliable document to truly reflect the condition of the property at the start of a tenancy. We use the same systematic process to conduct our reports to ensure we maintain the same consistency and high quality reports, each and every time. We are constantly learning about new upcoming laws and regulations which could affect our landlords and tenants, and ensure our reports reflect this.


To protect our clients through every step of their property tenancy.


Having worked within the residential lettings sector, I gained an understanding as to why inventory reports are so crucial when a property is let to ensure minimal / no disputes.