Inventories are a vital part of ensuring your landlords and tenants start their tenancy well. As an agent you want to provide your landlords and tenants with a professional service.
By making the inventory side of your business an independent process your landlords and tenants can be assured that an unbiased view is being taken as to the condition of properties. This can save your agency time and money by not having to train or employ staff to do this and free them up for work in more profitable areas of the business.
It also means that the agent becomes removed from the inventory and check-out process and any problems that a landlord or tenant may have with the documents can be passed back to the inventory company to resolve.

By using through the keyhole inventory services to provide your inventory services you can be assured of a professional service by qualified independent clerks at all times.

  1. Save time by not having to complete the lengthy inventory process in-house

  2. Save time and money so you can concentrate on marketing

  3. Save money by avoiding costly legal disputes

  4. Let our independent clerk members support you with legislation knowledge

  5. Provide the best service to your customers by combining your property expertise with the capabilities of an inventory specialist

  6. Find experienced, professional independent clerks who abide by the AIIC code of practice

  7. Feel protected with the knowledge that all AIIC members are fully insured

  8. Provide landlord, agent and tenant protection

  9. Be confident that the legal implications are adhered to

  10. Avoid unnecessary costs by having a professionally completed inventory containing all necessary detail

  11. Have confidence that both you and your tenants are protected legally and you are biding by the necessary regulations

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