1. Minimise costly disputes by having comprehensive and reliable property inventory reports

  2. Be confident that the legal implications are adhered to

  3. Avoid unnecessary costs by having a professionally completed inventory containing all necessary detail

  4. Protect your investment by documenting any wear and tear properly

  5. Have confidence that both you and your tenants are protected legally and you are abiding by the necessary regulations

  6. Experienced, professional independent clerks that abide by the AIIC code of practice

  7. Be assured that all AIIC members are fully covered by both professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Protect your property with an independent and professional inventory.
As a landlord your property is a valuable asset. For a small sum of money you can help protect your investment by having a thorough inventory for each tenancy.
An independent inventory that is professionally compiled together with a professional check out at the end of the tenancy will help to sort out any disputes that might arise. The tenant will be assured that the company producing the report is unbiased and that any assessments are independent and fair.
Our clerks have a wealth of experience visiting all types of properties on daily basis, they are able to assess damage, maintenance issues and wear and tear.

With recent changes to the Housing Act and the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), rules and regulations governing deposits have been tightened and landlords no longer have the power of control they previous had. Yes, this has helped to root out rogue landlords, but it has put honest, hardworking landlords like you at risk - giving tenants more power to challenge your holding of a deposit even if they are in the wrong.

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